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Newport Locksmith Services

It is always a good idea to keep a spare set of keys in a safe place in case the original set of keys is misplaced or lost. Newport locksmith services can quickly and expertly have an extra key cut as a spare or have a key made to fit a lock that no longer has a key to unlock it. Duplicate or new keys are made by a key cutting machine which traces the pattern of an existing key while simultaneously cutting out another key using this pattern. Professional locksmiths are trained in maintaining proper adjustment of such a machine in order to avoid incorrectly cut keys.

Replacing Lost Car Keys

There is nothing more aggravating than losing a set of car keys and being unable to unlock the car doors or drive the car. However, car key replacement can be done by Newport locksmith services with the assistance of modern computer technology and expert knowledge acquired by years of experience. Using up-to-date computer software, locksmith services of Newport are able to utilize the programming software that coordinates with a car’s make, model, and year it was manufactured. Whether it is a door, ignition, or boot key which needs replaced, our locksmith technicians will do the job as quickly as possible.

Expert Lock Picking

Sometimes a lock may need to be taken off that is very old or cannot have a key made for it due to its age and poor condition. This is where an expert lock picker would be required. Newport locksmith services provide specialists who know how to operate the right tools capable of picking any lock. Lock picking requires training and cannot be done by just anyone. It takes a skilled sense of hearing in order to discern certain clicking sounds which indicate a lock is being opened. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day in the event lock picking services are required.

Electronic Key Impressioner

By using the modern electronic key impressioner, our specialists at Newport locksmith services can produce any computerized lock key in just minutes.

Also referred to as EKI, the electronic key impressioner resembles a digital screw driver that comes with something called a scanning tip. One of our technicians simply has to insert the scanning tip into the key hole of a lock or ignition and it automatically scans the inside of the lock. The EKI is connected to a computer where this information is transmitted. Within seconds, a “key code” is created to be used by a computerized key cutter in order to produce a new key.

Problems with Alarm Systems

A home alarm system in perfect working order is one of the most valuable items a family can have. When your home alarm system fails to function properly, an intruder may have the time to steal many valuable items from a home. A call to Newport locksmith services can prevent such an unfortunate event by providing immediate emergency assistance to restore a broken alarm system. Our specialists can also install modern alarm systems for either home or business locations.

Whatever the case, call the number above and one of Newport locksmith services experienced technicians can solve your problem within minutes.